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If you're looking for my custom character design commission, I moved them.
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What I Can Draw
✔️ Original Characters, Fanart
✔️ Humans, Animals, Anthros, Closed Species

📖 status 📖

Commission form will close Jan. 22

🌷 tiny face: open
🌱 chibis : open
🌼 icon: open
💐 fullbody: open
🌊 special: open
🐄 cow: open
☀️ customs: open

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🌷 Tiny Face 🌷

3 Ko-Fi / $9 per character

  • A tiny little face!

  • You'll get a transparent file.

These commissions are only offered through my Ko-Fi when open!
My normal commission TOS still applies.

There are two chibi types: minis and regular!
You can compare the two below:

🌱 Mini 🌱

$25 per character

  • The smallest of the small, pocket-sized.

  • Only 1 character per piece.

  • Complex designs will be simplified.

  • You'll get a version with a circle background + a transparent version.

🌿 regular 🌿

$45 per character
+$30 for small scene background

Pencil Style

Pen Style

+ Small Scene

  • A small friend! Larger and more detailed/fuller than Mini.

  • Can have 1-3 characters in a piece.

  • Complex designs will be simplified. I can also add shading if requested.

  • You'll get a version with a plain/scene background + a transparent version.

Small Scene Backgrounds

  • Note that these are simple backgrounds with a few elements only!

  • Shape may be a circle, square, or an organic shape. You can also pick!

  • Please provide a description of the background/mood you'd like. Examples: "A happy field of sunflowers in the daytime", "A spooky forest at night"

  • Photo references/moodboards are good to send, too!

🐄 Cow 🐄

$25 per character

  • Your character as a cow! Moo!!

  • If you like how I did a specific design element in an example, let me know!

  • You'll get a color background version + a transparent version.

🌼 icon 🌼

$45 per character

  • 1 character per piece, or 1 character + 1 small pet.

  • You'll receive a circle version, a full square version, and a transparent version.

💐 fullbody 💐

$75-100 per character

  • A fullbody humanoid character!

  • 1-2 characters per piece, can include simple small animals/pets/decorations

  • Can add shading if requested

✨ idol card ✨

$135+ per character

  • A halfbody humanoid character in the style of an idol game card!

  • Card layout colors + border decal can change to match your character, but layout and stars will be the same! Circle badge can be any letters or symbols, for example: rarity (UC, R, SR), character's name initials, heart/star/etc.

  • 1 character per piece

  • You'll get two versions: one with card layout + one without.

🌸 experimental 🌸

$45+ per character

  • I'm also open to doing some of the styles above, which I haven't made a specific section for yet. They're mostly chibis/semi-chibis in a smoother/thicker brush or a lineless style!

  • 1-2 character per piece

☀️ Customs ☀️

Since this section was getting a bit long, I've moved all my custom design information to a new page! Please visit the site below for all the information!

Information + Form

Commission Process

Commissions are not first come first serve and there are limited slots!

I will be accepting commission requests for a short period and will choose the ones I'd like to do.
Thank you for understanding!!

  • Send me your commission inquiry by filling out the form!

  • If I accept your commission, payment is required in full before I start drawing! I will email you confirming your commission and will send you a PayPal/Square invoice.

  • I do not provide sketches as I go straight into the final piece. If you feel like you'd like a sketch first, please notify me beforehand!

  • I'll send you the completed piece when I finish it!


Commissions may take anywhere from 1 week - 3 months to complete depending on my schedule! If you need a piece by a certain date (for birthdays/etc.) email me before filling out the form to see if I can finish your commission by then.

Terms and Conditions

  • I have the right to accept or decline any commission inquiry for any reason.

  • Commissions are for personal use only and may not be used for profit/commercial usage.

  • My art must not be used for NFT/NFT related purposes.

  • For custom designs: Designs follow my adoptable terms of service!

  • Feel free to share or print the art on anything if it's for personal use!

  • Payment is up front. I will not start your commission until payment is made.

  • Note that complex designs may be simplified!

  • I may post/display commission pieces after I send it to you. Please let me know if you'd like me to not share them!

  • I can make minor edits to the commission after I send you the completed version, but I will not do any huge edits or redraws (unless, of course, the error is my fault!) Please ask for an initial sketch first if you want something specific!

  • Refunds will only be allowed if 1) I am unable to finish it for any reason or 2) I have not started your commission. If you asked for an initial sketch, then I can refund you 50% if you want to refund after the sketch is made but before the final piece is completed.

If you're ready to commission me, fill out the form below!